Novin Dev

Fintech SaaS Solutions

We gathered here to build a powerful team
and achieve goals bigger than all of us

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Planning & Analysis

We believe in brainstorming ideas to deduce the best app flow for your business

Design & Development

we gather user-friendly and appealing designs that are required for the project

MVP & Operation

we start releasing updates regulary to receive feedback and offer the best Solution

Testing & Launch

Once the build is ready, we initiate testing to make your app free of any error or bugs

About us

Fin tech SaaS Solutions

Novin Dev is a software company trying to reach international standards in development in order to make it's way in international market and to serve it's employees to the highest potentials

Development Path:​

In Novin Dev we have improvement charts for every individual and we help each other to achieve them


we have a salary chart that includes technical levels, family support, loyalty ratio and... so everyone could know their salary on every improvement steps


In Novin Dev we try to work with high-tech technologies in order to have the best output for every business

Machine Learning

Cloud Native

Augmented Reality

Internet Of Things


Artificial Intelligence